Oh Hello There!

My name is Lars Stania. I'm a Communication Designer from Cologne. Please scroll down to read more.

Born 1978 in Göttingen. Stopover in Kassel. Currently living, loving, working, eating & sleeping as a Communication Designer in Cologne.
Since 2002 I do Print Design. In 2010 I got into Webdesign & UXD and 2015 I fell in love with Motion Design & Animation.
After more than a decade working in Agencies I decided to start 2016 as a full-time Freelancer. If you are interested to work with me please use the contact form below.
I work for Design Agencies, for private customers, as a member of your team or as a one man show with a network of other talented designers and programmers.
Let's realize your next Ideas.
Thank you!
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